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Sunny Lea Farms was the name of the farm I grew up on, it was an 150 acre property in rural Niagara and was the first caged poultry farm in Canada. My father took great pride in his crops, his turkeys and his daughters, of which he had three. He was the fourth generation of his family to farm that acreage and he did it exceptionally well.

He embodied all the qualities most synonymous with farmers; hardworking, honest, dedicated and reliable. My father trained my sisters and I to work hard on the farm and work up a hearty appetite. He inspired my lifelong love of preparing fresh, healthful food.

My father and the farm are the core influences behind the Farmers Daughter Sub Shoppe and every meal that I prepare.


My dad and

          his grandbabies

farmers: hardworking, honest, dedicated and reliable.

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