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Growing up on a turkey farm in rural Niagara there were a few things Melissa could always count on; early mornings, hard work and three-square meals a day. She could set her watch by my father’s appetite, breakfast at seven, lunch at noon and dinner at five. Fresh, farm grown meals were always ready and waiting on the tabletop in her mother’s kitchen. 

With Farmers Daughter, she tried to capture the feeling of those wholesome, homemade meals and turn them into something new for your modern family. Even though our hectic schedules don’t always allow the opportunity for consistently timed meals everyday, with Farmers Daughter you can be sure that the lunch your child picks up on break from school, or the takeout you grab quickly on the way home from work, has been prepared with the same care as the old days, with fresh ingredients and a farmers touch.

Farm fresh subs, made with a farmer's touch!

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